O'Brien & Son's Hauling

You have junk to go to the dump - we will help

I have a truck and a trailer that are usually under-utilized, and want to teach my son hard work and business management.

On the weekends, some week nights, and maybe weekdays if scheduled in advance, I will haul your stuff - We can move small loads from home to home, and we'll haul your spring cleaning to the dump.

We charge $150 for a full load (some exceptions as the dump charges more for certain items), and $75 for a half load.  If you help in loading, we'll knock off up to 20%.  

A full load is approximately 1 ton of materials.  We will load until it is unsafe to haul any more material.  We strap and secure our loads.

When you need our services, contact us by calling/texting 316.290.9638,or emails us at Hauling@markobrien.us